Contract Services

Companies can Pay for Law Enforcement Traffic Control Services

These services are typically required for unusual over-dimensional load movements where NHP services are needed for traffic control. Contract services have also been utilized for special events such road races, etc.

Rates are set up to provide for re-imbursement of costs per hour for the manpower, and vehicles utilized as well as per-diem for meals and lodging if that becomes a factor. The following is the breakdown of cost per hour for NHP Contract Services:

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Hourly Rates

  • Troopers: $65.49
  • Sergeants: $71.80
  • Lieutenants: $82.52

Meals & Lodging - Standard GAS Rates Apply

Contact Contract Services

If you would like more information on Contract Services, contact the individual in the appropriate command office as needed.

Northern Command West Northern Command East Southern Command
Debbie Wenzel
Phone: (775) 689-4630
Amber Mason
Phone: (775) 753-1257
Sophia Cruzan
Phone: (702) 432-5134