The State of Nevada’s commercial enforcement and safety efforts date back to the early 1960’s when it was a Department of Motor Vehicles, Motor Carrier Enforcement Division function. In 1983 the State of Nevada adopted federal motor carrier safety regulations, training state personnel to enforce federal safety regulations.

    In 1985 the Motor Carrier Enforcement Division personnel were transferred to the Highway Patrol Division (HPD) within the Department of Motor Vehicles & Public Safety. In 2001 the Highway Patrol Division was separated from the Department of Motor Vehicles and placed in the Department of Public Safety (DPS), and is currently responsible for implementing the MCSAP program.

      There are approximately 34,624 miles of highway in Nevada (560 miles of Interstate routes) with no permanent fixed inspection facilities, so mobile roving enforcement and temporary inspection sites are used to meet state and federal goals.

        Nevada is one of the fastest growing states in the nation. This growth plays a significant role in highway safety, as it is difficult to keep up with capacity improvements, new drivers are less familiar with area drivers and driving conditions, construction trucks increase the percentage of large trucks, and overall traffic volumes are increasing.

          The Highway Patrol hopes that you will find this site a resource to provide a safe and convenient motoring experience.

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